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How The Agent Game Works

Jason Williams has popped up in an odd story: a sports agency which was trying to land Kevin Love put Williams at a dinner with Love. When asked about it, Jason said this:

""I didn't want to be in that world, that whole industry is difficult,'" he told the L.A. Times. He also said he felt "used."

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"I wanted to make a difference and do things the right way," Williams went on. "I wasn't there to talk to Kevin about the collective bargaining agreement. I wanted to be an agent and I wanted to know the business. We were just talking hoops."

His normal good sense took over:

"At the end of the day, this is about us giving money to a 501(c)(3). Which is legal! Which is crazy! People are mending relationships with kids at really early ages, with eighth-graders committing to colleges now. It's crazy. My ego, to a certain extent, can handle wanting to help a 12-year-old get better, but how can I honestly talk to a good 13-year-old about a sports agency?

"I can't. But I'm sure those conversations are happening."

The 501(c)(3) reference is about money that the agency in question, Ceruzzi Sports, gave (legally) to a non-profit foundation associated with Pat Barrett, who runs the AAU team, the Southern California All-Stars.

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