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The DBR 2009 Spring Fundraiser!

As you probably know, the current economic situation is just killing advertising, and it's hitting home here at DBR. Our ad revenue has slowed considerably and for the foreseeable future, we may have trouble generating much. So we have come to one of those crossroads we've come to periodically where we have to carefully consider our options, which include primarily fundraising and a subscription service (we were going to implement that at the request of our advertising folks but it was postponed indefinitely).

Help Support DBR!






Not into Paypal? You can mail a contribution to:Duke Basketball Report
5310 South Alston Avenue, Suite 210
Durham, North Carolina 27713

We are fortunate in that our demographic has largely prospered when a lot of people have struggled (it's one of the things that's endeared us to advertisers). Our hope is to manage with a fundraiser again. You guys have always come through when we've done these before, and our goal has always been to keep an open site for as many people as possible. If we find that we do have to go to a subscription model, we will do everything we can to make it a separate layer entirely. What's here would stay here.

But that depends on the fundraiser and what you guys decide. If we can get by like this, we'll be very happy to.

We've put together a template that we hope will be helpful. While what you pledge is up to you, we’d like to suggest that you consider what the site is worth to you.

  • a dime a day? That works out to 36.50 per year.
  • a dollar a week? That works out to 52 dollars a year.
  • .50 cents per day, the price of most newspapers? $182.50 a year.

We've been at this for awhile now, since 1996, and thanks to everyone who's helped us stick around. We plan to be here for a good bit longer, too, and you can help! Thanks again for all your past and future support - you guys are great!

For those of you who'd rather not use PayPal, our mailing address is at the bottom of the table to your right.