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Kentucky Fans Losing It

Tubby Smith and Herb Sendek could get together sometime and, over beers, chortle over the schools that drove them off.  State has yet to get back to the level Sendek had achieved, and after running Tubby Smith out of town, Kentucky is now struggling and has already publicly said they'll accept an NIT bid if offered.

There's some heat on coach Billy Gillispie, and this writer has begun to speculate that he might not make a third season in Lexington.  And what if Patrick Patterson and Jody Meeks bolt? Ugly.  Kentucky fans must be about to have a fit.

As always with Kentucky, the glee is in watching the fan meltdown, and a pretty good place to sit and watch is right here  as UK fans decide whether or not they'd like to run Billy Clyde out of town.  Here's a scenario which could blow minds in the Commonwealth:  suppose, just suppose, that they ran him off and Jeff Capel was approached to replace him.  While we'd hope he'd be smarter than that, the reactions would be hilarious to watch.

What could be funnier?  How about if Kentucky ran into the Tubby-led Golden Gophers in the NIT?  Don't cross the streams, Venkman!

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