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ACC Roundup!

In ACC action, Florida State nipped Georgia Tech, 62-58.  Tech is improving, but still had 18 turnovers.  Florida State put the game away on the line, hitting seven of eight free throws down the stretch.

No ACC Games Friday
ACC Standings
Potential NCAA Candidates
North Carolina 6-2 .750 20-2 .909
Duke 6-2 .750 19-3 .864
Clemson 5-2 .714 19-2 .905
Boston College 6-3 .667 18-6 .750
Wake Forest 4-3 .571 17-3 .850
Florida State 4-3 .571 17-5 .773
Virginia Tech 4-3 .571 14-7 .667
Miami 4-5 .444 15-7 .682
NIT Candidates Below
Maryland 3-5 .375 14-8 .636
NC State 2-5 .286 12-8 .600
Virginia 1-6 .143 7-11 .389
Georgia Tech 1-7 .125 10-11 .476

Dave Leitao is searching for answers in Charlottesville, and one of his ideas is to give Solomon Tat some more time, with the explanation that he at least plays with passion.

We've been saying for a while now that Oliver Purnell has put Clemson in a different orbit, something the Tigers underscored Wednesday night when they crushed Duke.  Now Clemson gets to deal with the fallout:  everyone is going to make a run at Purnell when firing/hiring season comes.

In case you were wondering why Tyree Evans didn't end up at Maryland, he has the answer: it was the media.

Virginia recruit Tristan Spurlock has taken a somewhat odd path after leaving Montrose Christian, or really being told he wasn't welcomed back.  He also had a clash with his previous coach at a local high school. Virginia says they're not worried, but a pattern of conflict is not good, least of all is you have trouble getting the guys you have currently to play with passion.