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ACC Roundup!

In Wednesday's other ACC games, Virginia again struggled offensively, this time against Boston College. After falling behind 42-22 in the first half, where they hit only six shots, it was pretty much over. It's Virginia's sixth straight loss, and it's hard to see where the next win comes from. They get UNC next, then FSU, Clemson, Virginia Tech, NC State, Miami, Wake, Clemson, and Maryland. There's not a game in there where they'd be favored.

ACC Thursday Night Action!
Teams Times TV
Georgia Tech @ Florida State 7:00 ESPNU
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
North Carolina 6-2 .750 20-2 .909
Duke 6-2 .750 19-3 .864
Clemson 5-2 .714 19-2 .905
Boston College 6-3 .667 18-6 .750
Wake Forest 4-3 .571 17-3 .850
Virginia Tech 4-3 .571 14-7 .667
Florida State 3-3 .500 16-5 .762
Miami 4-5 .444 15-7 .682
Maryland 3-5 .375 14-8 .636
NC State 2-5 .286 12-8 .600
Georgia Tech 1-6 .143 10-10 .500
Virginia 1-6 .143 7-11 .389

Virginia coach Dave Leitao has been losing the media, too. Latest example: David Teel of the Daily Press, who clearly thinks he needs to go. Athletic Director Craig Littlepage, facing up to mediocrity in basketball and football, addressed the issues by e-mail, as Teel points out.

Different story for B.C.: after last year's melt-down, the Eagles are currently in fourth place in the ACC and in line for a bid after missing last year.

Miami has been at some risk, but they made up a lot of ground with their resounding win over Wake Forest. We've been saying that we didn't think Wake was playing very well, and other than escaping Duke's comeback, they would have lost four straight. Three out of four isn't a whole lot better.

Miami zoned them to exploit their lack of outside shooting and that was that: the 'Canes won 79-52. They go from that game to Duke at Duke this weekend.

That would probably seem worse than it does right now if Duke hadn't also lost by 27, to Clemson. Miami, no doubt, is looking at a double dose of tourney sweeteners.

That's for Saturday, though. Although Tobacco Road took a shiner Wednesday, the ACC as a whole benefited. There are eight teams with serious hopes for the tourney as of now - UNC, Duke, Clemson and Wake are locks and B.C., Virginia Tech, FSU and Miami are not far off.

What's lost, however, or at least lost for the moment, are two #1 seeds. Things always change during the season, but there's no way that you can make that argument if you're losing by 27.

But for the conference, again, it says a lot. Duke and Wake are both really good teams. That the third and eighth place teams can lay such severe whippings on two of the frontrunners is truly impressive. As Jay Bilas said during the game (and we paraphrase), you'd better not go on the road unprepared in this league.

Here's Marcus Ginyard on his surgery and his decision to redshirt.