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Some Interesting Points From Seth Davis

Seth Davis has a lot of interesting things in this colum, but to us the two most interesting items are 1) his endorsement of Jeff Capel for national coach of the year, and 2) the comments from an NBA scout about Greivis Vasquez's future and the quality of UNC's defense: "He's a buzz name because he had the monster game against Carolina, a team that couldn't guard you, me, your wife and your children. You have to judge Vazquez like you judge an Olympic skater. You throw away the Carolina game because it will never happen again, and when he goes 1 for 11 with seven turnovers, throw that out, too. So he's somewhere in the middle. He can really play in space when the court is open, but when the game gets a little confined and they bump him and he has to make thinking decisions, he has trouble. To me, he's a second-round pick. Big guard, average athlete, pretty good shooter. A high-risk, high-reward player."