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Duke Roundup!

With the nice afterglow of the Wake game, Duke fans could possibly be forgiven for thinking that that glow is just supposed to be there.  But it's just as likely that the light we think we're seeing is the Terrapin Special highballing down the tunnel and ready to take revenge on Duke for that 41 point whipping in Cameron. Consider:

  • Duke just spent a huge amount of emotion to overcome Wake.
  • With a win over Duke, Maryland has a great chance at a bid - something which seemed impossible not too long ago.
  • Maryland fans have gone from dispirited and surly to ecstatic.  What better follow-up could they possibly have than the hated Devils?
  • Gary Williams has a chance to completely shut his critics up - at least for a bit.

Amazingly, after the shellacking in Durham, Maryland could enter this game with a lot of advantages.  Whether they can overcome the talent gap remains to be seen.  But Maryland, like Virginia Tech, is thirsting for revenge.

You may have seen this video of Elliot Williams from the Wake game, where, without question, he walks.  This brings to life the stupid argument that Duke gets all the calls, to which we can only say:  one for Williams, dozens for Tyler Hansbrough.  But that's beside the point.

For those of you drinking the Kool-Aid, put the cup down and ask yourself exactly how this works: did the refs conspire to allow this?  Did the ACC, administered by UNC grad and former A.D. John Swofford, somehow join the conspiracy?  Is John Clougherty looking at the tape and saying, "don't worry, boy's, it's a Duke game! Be as biased as you want!"

It's without question a blown call.  But it happens.  If the ACC called every carry that happened this weekend, the games would still be going on.  For that matter, if they called every push-off by a ballhandler, half the conference would have fouled out.

Here are a few links we're catching up on, including Dave Glenn speaking to Chris Collins and Tim Crothers on the emergence of Elliot Williams..