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ACC Roundup!

In Sunday's ACC action, Clemson spotted Georgia Tech 15 before coming back to win in Hotlanta, 81-73, to continue Tech's dreary season: the Yellow Jackets have now lost six in a row and 11 out of 12.  If Paul Hewitt didn't have Derrick Favors lined up, along with some other pretty impressive recruits, he'd almost certainly be gone.

No Monday Games
ACC Standings
North Carolina 10-3 .769 24-3 .889
Clemson 8-4 .667 22-4 .846
Duke 8-4 .667 22-5 .815
Florida State 8-4 .667 21-6 .778
Wake Forest 7-5 .583 20-5 .800
Boston College 7-6 .538 19-9 .679
Maryland 6-6 .500 17-9 .654
Virginia Tech 6-6 .500 16-10 .615
NC State 5-7 .417 15-10 .600
Miami 5-8 .385 16-10 .615
Virginia 3-9 .250 9-14 .391
Georgia Tech 1-12 .077 10-16 .385

In the Atlanta paper, Lewis Clinch, who lit up Clemson for 27, says that “[w]e’re going to stay positive and keep battling. We’re trying a lot of different things to stay motivated in such a tough situation, but collectively we’re still together and we’re still a team. We’re all still brothers here and we’re going to keep battling till the end.”

It's not easy in dire circumstances, but Maryland, State, and Virginia have each overcome, to greater or lesser extents, some tough breaks and weak starts.

Clemson folks are increasingly worried that someone will come along and hire Oliver Purnell away.  They should take it seriously, but we don't think he's going anywhere.

Terence Moore says that while things are not good, Paul Hewitt still has a lot to offer.

Two nice ACC alum notes: Roger Mason, Jr., has found his niche with the Spurs.  Nice story from Michael Wilbon.  And former State star Andrew Brackman, who had serious elbow surgery, is starting to make his mark with the Yankees organization.

And while this doesn't directly affect the ACC, if he's right, it will: David Falk says the NBA is willing to hold out when the new contract comes up, and that the players can't possibly outlast the owners.  Lots of interesting stuff here.  Not mentioned: what effect would a two-year lockout have on the college game?