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The Times On Brey's Notre Dame & The ACC vs. The Big East

Mike Brey's Notre Dame team has had a tough go of it lately in the Big East but they had a big - and needed - win against Providence.  Meanwhile, the argument over the Big East vs. the ACC continues.  Here's a quote from Ken Pomeroy that underscores the argument we've made all season: “An interesting footnote here is that the Big East becomes a slightly easier conference than the A.C.C. for teams that are slightly below power conference average and worse. It would be easier for these poorer teams to get wins in the Big East because of the poor quality, and high quantity, of the bottom feeders of the conference.”

That's pretty much what we've been saying all season.  The top teams are unquestionably superb.  But when you get five or six gimmes from the lame teams at the bottom of the standings, it distorts things.  In the ACC, Maryland, Georgia Tech, and Virginia have all made the point about top-to-bottom competitiveness in the ACC.  Just one great example:  at the beginning of the year, UVa went to Syracuse and almost knocked off the Orange at home.