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Landlord Gets A New Address!

Shelden Williams was traded to Minnesota just before the trade deadline, and it could end up being a big break for him. The T-Wolves have no inside game right now, so if he establishes himself, he has a home.

Speaking of Williams, as you may remember, he and his bride, the lovely Miss Candace Parker, are expecting a baby. This has caused agitation in some quarters, mostly busybodies quite frankly.  An unfortunate characteristic of Americans is that we often feel it's perfectly okay to tell others how to live their lives.  It's nothing new:  Americans from Cotton Mather to Carrie Nation to Jerry Falwell to Michael Bloomberg want to make sure you say you behave.  Hank Williams nailed it in his classic, "Why Don't You Mind Your Own Business."  Why is that so hard?

As long as she can work it out with her employers, and she and her husband agree, when they start their family, or for whatever reasons, is really no one else's business.