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ACC Roundup!

Only Miami's loss to UNC stopped Sunday from being a complete day of upsets, and they just barely lost, 69-65.  The stunner, though, was in Charlottesville, where Virginia, having lost eight straight, found the courage to upset Clemson, 85-81.

No Monday Night Games
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
North Carolina 9-2 .818 23-2 .920
Duke 7-4 .636 20-5 .800
Clemson 6-4 .600 20-4 .833
Wake Forest 6-4 .600 19-4 .826
Florida State 6-4 .600 19-6 .760
Virginia Tech 6-4 .600 16-8 .667
Boston College 7-5 .583 19-8 .704
NCAA Bids Above, NIT Candidates Below
Maryland 5-5 .500 16-8 .667
NC State 4-6 .400 14-9 .609
Miami 4-7 .364 15-9 .625
No Post-Season Likely
Virginia 2-8 .200 8-13 .381
Georgia Tech 1-10 .091 10-14 .417

It's a remarkable win, really.  Nothing even slightly suggested they could pull it off, and in honesty, they probably needed some help from Clemson to do it.  But even in that event you have to hold up your end of the deal.  UVa obviously did.

A lot of teams really need wins this time of year.  Virginia needed more than that. They needed respect and confidence. This should help on both scores.

It probably didn't hurt that former great Sean Singletary had his jersey retired at halftime.

Miami took UNC to the wire before Ty Lawson hit a three with 10.6 left to give the Heels a 69-65 advantage and the final score.  Jack McClinton scored 35, meaning he outscored the rest of his team.

Miami played without Dwayne Collins, who injured an ankle in practice.

It's a really devastating loss for Miami.  They're a tough team, but they're at the same basic level now as State and Maryland, and both of those are bubble teams at best.  They were really close to beating both Duke and UNC, and if they had, things would look very different now.   But they didn't, and they don't.

More importantly, if they had won against Virginia Tech and State, they'd be in good shape. And McClinton's meltdown against Ohio State looks even more damaging in retrospect.

Ish Smith hasn't been starting this season, but he's still been really key for Wake Forest.