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ACC Roundup!

Wednesday night was fairly busy around here so we didn't' really get a chance to read the long story in the Post about Gary Williams and his problems at Maryland.  It was Part I of a three-part series, and it's really pretty interesting.

No Games Friday
ACC Standings
North Carolina 8-2 .800 22-2 .917
Duke 7-3 .700 20-4 .833
Clemson 6-3 .667 20-3 .870
Florida State 6-3 .667 19-5 .792
Virginia Tech 6-3 .667 16-7 .696
Wake Forest 5-4 .556 18-4 .818
Boston College 6-5 .545 18-8 .692
Maryland 4-5 .444 15-8 .652
Miami 4-6 .400 15-8 .652
NC State 3-6 .333 13-9 .591
Virginia 1-8 .111 7-13 .350
Georgia Tech 1-9 .100 10-13 .435

It looks primarily at recruiting. There were some prominent misses, some obvious, some in hindsight:  Michael Beasley, Kevin Durant, Malcolm Delaney, Deron Williams, Scottie Reynolds, Austin Freeman, Jack McClinton, Matt Walsh, Josh Boone, Jeff Jones, Joe Alexander, and Rudy Gay, among others.

Some of these are completely understandable, particularly Gay.  Williams made it clear that he was repelled by what happened in that case, at the time and in Part I of this series.  And like Stephen Curry, just about everyone missed on Alexander.  He could have had several of the others, though.

It's a fair article though, and Williams offers many cogent points.  One very unfortunate note:  the state of North Carolina is said to be "crawling with street agents."  This would explain why so many of our better players have chosen to play far away from the ACC, where historically, they have stuck around the area.

In Part II, Williams's frustrations with the AAU boils over when he says of D.C. Assault coach Curtis Malone "[d]on't tell me Curtis Malone has the right to say whether Gary Williams is a good recruiter or not. I don't want to hear about Curtis Malone. I know what he is." What he's referring to is Malone's criminal record for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Duke-bound Josh Hairston and Tyler Thornton are on the current roster, and Nolan Smith played for them as well. So, interestingly, did the almost-Terp Gus Gilchrist.

It's a tough situation for Williams. On the one hand, he doesn't cheat.  On the other though, his personality seems to work against him when it comes to recruiting.  One player called him introverted. A mother said their family never really heard from him.  Malcolm Delaney says "they kind of base their whole program around that one national championship." We're looking to Part III. It's great reading so far.

We're not sure Kay Yow ever had a complete sell-out at Reynolds when she was coaching the Pack, but they'll have one in her honor when Virginia comes to town for the Hoops For Hope game.

Clemson is doing well this season, but unusually, so is South Carolina.  Darrin Horn has turned out to be a great catch for the Gamecocks.