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ACC Roundup!

The new rankings came out Monday, and Duke and Wake weren't punished as badly as we expected for their dual 27 point losses.

Tuesday Night's ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Virginia @ Florida State 7:00 RSN
Clemson @ Boston College 9:00 RSN
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
North Carolina 7-2 .778 21-2 .913
Duke 7-2 .778 20-3 .870
Clemson 5-3 .625 19-3 .864
Wake Forest 5-3 .625 18-3 .857
Florida State 5-3 .625 18-5 .783
Virginia Tech 5-3 .625 15-7 .682
Boston College 6-4 .600 18-7 .720
The Dreaded NIT Line
Maryland 4-5 .444 15-8 .652
Miami 4-6 .400 15-8 .652
NC State 2-6 .250 12-9 .571
Virginia 1-7 .125 7-12 .368
Georgia Tech 1-8 .111 10-12 .455

In both the A.P. poll and ESPN/USAToday, UNC is #3.  Duke is #5 A.P. and #6 ESPN/USAToday.  Wake is #7 and #8 respectively,

Clemson is #12/#11, and Florida State debuts at #25 in both polls.

Jeff Capel has his Sooners at #2 by the way (in both polls).

In Tuesday's ACC action, Virginia visits Florida State, and Clemson goes up to B.C. for a Beantown tussle. Interesting games in both cases.

If Virginia wins, FSU has to cooperate. Given their shiny new ranking, and Virginia's considerable weakness, we just can't see it.  Clemson at B.C., however, is another matter.  This is actually a pretty fascinating game in some respects.

Clemson's reaction to getting thumped by FSU is going to be interesting: do they wilt?  Do they have the courage to, well, roar like wounded Tigers?

They'll have less luck pressing B.C.:  Tyrese Rice is a solid point and he has plenty of help.

It's also worth mentioning that, like FSU, B.C. can firm up an NCAA argument.  An FSU win and a Clemson loss changes things in the standings, too.  As is so often the case late in the season, the league has a big tie at or near the top. This time, Clemson, Wake, FSU, and Virginia Tech are all sitting at 5-3.

One of the reasons for FSU's rise is underrated big man Solomon Alabi. The big Nigerian is improving, and fast.