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Does Anyone Know Brian King?

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The merriment over Roy Williams and his overreaction to the Presybterian fan continues, with the fan, one Brian King, giving a somewhat different story than came from UNC.

The Buzz boys, predictably, posted a greatest hits list of Ol' Roy's at times erratic behavior which is worth a read if only to see Williams in all his occasional weirdness.

It's been fun to watch this story grow and to see people ridiculing Williams for his thin-skinned behavior. What we didn't know, though, was that King is a Duke fan. He bought his tickets from Stubhub and moved to sit with an old friend, which is where he was sitting when Williams confronted him.

Steve Kirschner, UNC assistant AD, said it "[i]t had zero to do with what he said and zero to do with Roy Williams," but WRAL says that "Williams motioned to someone at the Smith Center and security guards emerged to escort King out."

Hail Caesar!

Anyway, it's classic Roy, and we feel bad for King being embarrassed on television like that. So here's what we'd like to do: if anyone knows King, who lives in Concord, or if he happens to read this page, we'd like to offer him a ticket to Duke vs. Gardner-Webb. Obviously he's a Duke fan, but even if he were a UNC fan, he could speak his mind and say what he wanted without fear of being kicked out. If he's interested, please have him drop us a line. We might be able to get him a ticket to a different game if this is short notice.

And more to the point, while we don't really have a way of scrounging a ticket for the UNC game, this guy should really be in Cameron for that. If anyone has a ticket for that game they'd be willing to let him use, we think it would be great. Or maybe some clever Crazies could sneak him in and sit him behind the bench again. Just a thought!

The difference, though, is that Ol' Roy could never in a million years hear him in Cameron, even during warmups.

A stray thought: UNC's next game is at Texas (well in Texas anyway) against old nemesis Rick Barnes. Do you suppose there's any chance he could yank UNC's chain over this?

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