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Barnes - Friday Is D-Day

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Harrison Barnes is set to announce Friday, and Duke fans, to be sure, are hoping he casts his lot with the Devils. We include ourselves in that fervent desire. However, it's worth reminding everyone that it's his future and his decision, and while we think he's a perfect fit, he might not.

Whatever he decides to do, even if he ends up at UNC, it's worth remembering that Duke is intensely interested not just because of his ability, but also because of his character. If he goes elsewhere, we'll be disappointed - that goes without saying. It's his future that matters to him, not what any of us might want. If it happens to coincide with Duke's, well, that's great. If not, here's hoping he is happy with whatever he decides.

And along the same lines, after Kyrie Irving committed to Duke, he heard some terrible things from Kentucky fans. If Barnes does go elsewhere, Duke fans should just say good luck and let it go. Pulling a Kentucky move at that point only hurts us.

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