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ACC Roundup!

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UNC had an exhibition with Belmont Abbey which went about like you'd expect, with UNC winning 107-59.

The move to Art Chansky-esque razzle-dazzle continues, with spotlight intros, flashy new lights and so on. The staid, reserved world Dean Smith built fades farther and farther into the background.

Clemson had an exhibition as well and had no problem with Francis Marion, winning 99-51. Clemson is becoming more of a basketball power, but the school is always going to be about football. Case in point: with an exhibition game Friday and a football game Saturday, how does the State cover it? With 23 articles about football and 113 words on the exhibition. Obviously it's a bigger deal, but 113 words? And an AP story? Geez.

Here's an update on Maryland's recruiting, with several guys set to visit or having just visited.

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