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Duke Shoots Down Radford, 104-67

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For a team that's supposed to have issues on the perimeter, Duke did pretty well against Radford: three guards and Kyle Singler combined for 43 points in the first half and tied a Duke record for three pointers.

Radford was surprisingly good actually, a lot better than you'd normally expect a Big South team to be, and it wasn't just star Artsiom Parakhouski, who is really good. Brad Greenberg has a very solid team.

Still, Parakhouski is exceptional. Duke tried hard to contain him, but the big guy from Belarus is first of all, huge, secondly, skilled, and third doesn't back down.

He finished with 23 points, 14 boards, and a ton of respect.

Coach K said "(Parakhouski) will be a number one pick. He can play on any team in our conference. We beat a very good team out there."

He's probably right. Parakhouski isn't necessarily an NBA star, but he's a guy who could be a very solid backup center for a decade or more.

Radford hung with Duke through the first seven minutes or so but after that, the Devils took off. After trailing 13-10, Duke outscored Radford 49-21 to take a 59-34 lead into halftime.

With Radford opting to zone Duke, the Devils turned loose the three point shooters, and they delivered, hitting 18.

Andre Dawkins led the hit parade in what amounted to his coming out party: the rookie was 7-9 from the floor with six three pointers in the mix and wound up with 20 points. He also had three steals.

Nolan Smith hit four of his own, Jon Scheyer added four more, Kyle Singler tossed in three and Ryan Kelly hit one as well.

It wasn't just about shooting, though, although Duke was also 16-17 from the line: Duke ended up with 25 assists on 35 shots, which would please any coach, limited turnovers to eight, outrebounded the Highlanders 41-33, and limited them to 37.3% from the floor.

On an individual basis, may we point out that Scheyer has now gone four games without a single turnover. It'd be interesting to know who has gone the most games without a turnover and the most minutes. However you cut it, Scheyer is extraordinarily reliable with the ball.

Singler didn't shoot particularly well but finished with 13 points, seven boards and seven assists.

Up front, Miles Plumlee finished with a double-double, racking up 12 points and 11 boards. Brian Zoubek came in and grabbed nine boards and four boards.

Smith, who tweaked his ankle near the end of the first half but played the second, finished with 20 points.

Like fellow freshman Andre Dawkins, Ryan Kelly had a very good game. He finished with nine points and five boards, but what's nice about his game is his overall savvy. He's just a smart player. And what was a nice surprise in this game was his overall toughness. He's shown some nice things, but we hadn't seen that yet.

Like his brother Seth, Brad Greenberg has a team that enjoys getting physical. Kelly, who is not the most physically mature guy on Duke's team, banged right back.

Plumlee and Zoubek ended up with nine fouls between them trying to guard Parakhouski, and Kelly was a useful reserve in that regard.

Lance Thomas had a light game statistically, but played his usual tough defense.

So despite the concerns about depth, Duke has established a very solid perimeter in the first four games.

The inside game is coming along nicely as well, with Plumlee not that far off of averaging a double-double and Zoubek playing some of the best ball of his career. When Mason Plumlee returns from his injury, things will get very interesting.

Duke is off to New York next to take on Herb Sendek's ASU team. The Sun Devils blew out San Francisco, winning 104-65 (almost exactly the same score in the Duke-Radford game).

After his tremendous game against TCU, Eric Boateng only managed four in the rout of USF and picked up four fouls in 13 minutes.

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