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ACC Roundup!

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Let's be clear about this: Roy Williams deserves his reputation and his accolades. He is a really good coach. But let's also be clear about this: there are times when he is outcoached, and it happens more often than one might think.

ACC Saturday Action!
Teams! Times! TV!
Oral Roberts @ Virginia 2 X
Florida State @ Mercer 4:30 FSSO/CSN/SUN
NC State vs. Austin Peay 8:15 X
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Miami 0-0 .000 4-0 1.000
Clemson 0-0 .000 3-0 1.000
Duke 0-0 .000 3-0 1.000
Maryland 0-0 .000 3-0 1.000
Wake Forest 0-0 .000 3-0 1.000
Florida State 0-0 .000 2-0 1.000
NC State 0-0 .000 2-0 1.000
Virginia Tech 0-0 .000 2-0 1.000
North Carolina 0-0 .000 4-1 .800
Boston College 0-0 .000 2-1 .667
Georgia Tech 0-0 .000 2-1 .667
Virginia 0-0 .000 2-1 .667

Just for a few quick hits:

  • George Mason, Georgetown and Kansas, all tournament-ending losses
  • Duke in J.J. Redick's junior year

There were other games at Kansas that would support this argument, but that'll do for now. There were more at UNC for that matter, but we'll use these.

In all these games, Williams was outsmarted and outcoached. Mason was very good, but their talent certainly wasn't up to UNC's level. Georgetown was an ugly meltdown. And UNC was in no way prepared for the onslaught Kansas had ready for them.

And in Durham, Duke not only won the game, but Redick actually called out the play UNC was going to use and thus intercepted the last inbounds pass.

Which brings us to Syracuse.

Look, we realize that this is not last year's team. Nonetheless, it is talented and deep. It's one thing for Syracuse to rush out to an 8-0 start to the game; quite another to come out of the locker room after halftime and go on a 22-1 run: shades of Kansas all over again.

It's not like he needs our help to manage his timeouts, but when your team can't penetrate a zone and keeps turning it over, it might be time to discuss things.

Consider, again, the first few minutes of the second half, up until the under 16 TV timeout: four missed threes, two turnovers, one foul shot.

Then: a turnover, three missed two point shots, a missed three, another turnover, a missed two, another turnover, two more missed twos, and another turnover before Tyler Zeller got an old-style three point play to make it 62-45.

Yes, it's a young team. Yes, they struggle from the perimeter, at least to date. Still, there are games where Williams either has no clue or just decides to let his team take a beating. Either way, they took one here.

Finally, we have to ask: what the hell has happened to John Henson? We know he's skinnier than a 17-year-old Ralph Sampson, but for a guy who was pitched as a starter, he's fallen off the map. He's gone from a possible starter to one of the mop-up guys: only Justin Watts and Leslie McDonald are getting less minutes than he is. Worse, from his point of view, he's now the seventh option as a big man.

And his hopes of playing small forward look dim: next year, Harrison Barnes will take over that spot and he'll be backed up by Reggie Bullock.

We had foreseen a UNC team with two extraordinarily fleet forwards in Zeller and Henson. Well, not anytime soon. And it is early, of course. UNC will improve.

Speaking of Mason, they gave Georgia Tech a good game before falling, 70-62, thus muting the now traditional Paul Hewitt post-game criticism.

Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors both had 18 points and three blocks. Mfon Udofia appears to have nailed down a starting spot.

Most of the games Friday went according to form, with Clemson beating UNCG, although maybe not as thoroughly as expected, 89-67, Miami just nipping Wilmington, 67-60, and State knocking off Akron 66-45.

The lone loss was B.C. falling to Saint Joe's, 84-80. And speaking of B.C., Danny Lawson has withdrawn his verbal commitment.

Correction. We had listed Bucknell as a Roy Williams loss but that was actually under current coach Bill Self.

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