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Vitale's Top 40 - UNC 1, Duke 9

Dickie V has his pre-season Top 40 out, and not surprisingly, UNC is #1.  Duke comes in at #9. Virginia Tech clocks in at #20, Miami at 21, Wake at #29,  and Clemson at #32.

Everyone is conceding the title to UNC, and they are loaded.  But they've been loaded for the last three years, too, and what's happened? 2005-06 - Mason.  2006-07 - Georgetown.  2007-08 - Kansas.

Mason was a significant upset.  Georgetown was a late-game collapse, with the Heels  hitting only one of 23 baskets.

And then there was Kansas.  UNC went down 40-12. It's still hard to believe.  They get credit for a comeback that made Kansas nervous, cutting the lead to 64-59.  But Kansas just did it to them again, and won by 18.

So should they be the favorite? Yeah.  But after three major chokes in a row, do they have something to prove?

They have a lot to prove.