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Jerrod Mustaf Update

Jerrod Mustaf has had an odd and interesting life's journey.  A two-year player at Maryland under Bob Wade, the NBA didn't really work out for him. He played overseas for several years, and now he's the director of athletic development at Laurinburg.

We lost track of him other than his being implicated in a murder of a woman who was carrying his child. He wasn't charged and the man who was convicted, who was coincidentally or not (the prosecutors didn't think it was a coincidence) his cousin, LeVonnie Woods.  Woods maintained his innocence.

The woman's family later filed a civil suit against Mustaf, charging that he was behind it. The case was settled although confidentially.  Mustaf maintained that he and his cousin were no longer close and that the trip to Phoenix was to patch things up after a fight.

He has a complicated relationship with his father and none with his mother, who said she has pretty much forgotten she had a baby. It's really a sad life.  Hopefully Laurinburg will be a happier stop.