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Some Recruiting Predictions

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Gary Parrish has a column up on the remaining elite recruits and he asks Dave Telep and Evans Daniel where they might go. As far as Kenny Boynton goes, they split, with Telep predicting Duke and Evans Florida.  We'll see soon enough. By the way, both guys peg Derrick Favors as a future Yellow Jacket.

But an interesting sub theme is: who might head to Europe?  Top suspect:  Renardo Sidney.  And this leads to the next logical question: why?

Sidney is, without question, a guy with serious talent, but last we heard he had gained a lot of weight.  We saw a picture this summer and it was, for a basketball coach (or owner), pretty depressing.

Brandon Jennings was the first guy to go, but if players like Sidney start trying the jump, the trend will be short-lived, because the Europeans will get fed up quickly.