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More ACC Football Fun Coming Up!

Football is really a secondary interest to us, except for Duke, but it's hard not to take note of how expansion has failed to improve football in the ACC. This week, although a number of games might be canceled if Hanna turns out to be local pain, there are still some instructive games on the schedule.
First, Miami plays at Florida. We'll be shocked if the Gators lose.

In another SEC/ACC matchup, Mississippi travels to Wake Forest, the ACC's best team lately. We wouldn't rule Wake out here.

Otherwise, most everyone else has scheduled a gimme win: Clemson hosts The Citadel; UVa has Richmond over, FSU takes on the might Catamounts of Western Carolina, State takes on W&M, and Maryland in a surprise, travels to Middle Tennessee. UNC gets points for scheduling a game at Rutgers, but could come out 1-1.

In the first conference game of the year, Paul Johnson takes his new offense up to Boston to challenge the Eagles, or, if you prefer, the Beagles.

Next week, the conference faces more potentially embarrassing losses as UConn, ECU, Texas A&M, and