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Duke Thumps UVA, 31-3

Here's all you need to know about the Duke-Virginia game:  bowl scouts were there, and they weren't there for Virginia.

At 3-1, Duke has to be looked at, and what's more, their previous opponents look better and better:  JMU is cruising along, having just knocked off Appalachian State (if you don't know about them you should read the papers more), Northwestern is undefeated, and Navy is sitting at 3-2 and just knocked off #16 Wake Forest.

As we've been saying, and as Duke fans understand pretty well now, things have changed in Durham.

It doesn't mean that Duke's going to a bowl or anything; we're not saying that. But Duke has a real football team and they're coming to play every time out.

A lot of reporters who cover Virginia were suggesting that losing to Duke was a humiliating prospect that would motivate this team.  Even Bomani Jones said it on 850TheBuzz.

Well, no one else can be the first to lose to Duke this year, so they can all get over it.

Look, Duke won this game because they played harder, they were better conditioned, and because when Virginia buckled, they were ready and willing to pounce.

So far, this season has been an absolute joy ride, but things will get tougher, and soon. Duke goes to Atlanta next weekend to take on Tech.  That won't be easy; Paul Johnson is doing very well in his first season there and they'll be a tough opponent.  But there are several more games on the schedule that have to be considered winnable now.  Duke still has to do the actual winning, to be sure.  Unlike previous seasons, though, people are starting to understand that, yes, Duke can win and can't be considered a joke anymore.