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Is It Overkill?

Usually at some point during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, by Saturday or Sunday, our eyes get bleary, and we're frankly about ready to throw up: you can, contrary to what some people think, have too much of a good thing (but we're right back for round II!)

This year, you can go to instant overload right from the start, as ESPN is going to inflict 24 hours of basketball on us on November 18th.

Calling it the College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon, it will have some teams worth watching, but is it overkill?  Who's ready to play at a high level out of the gate?  Here's who: nobody.  It's one thing to watch compelling basketball in March, when everyone has worked their asses off for months and they're playing for what they've worked for their whole lives.  But in November?