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One More Hot Name For The Radar

Here's a guy who showed up on the recruiting radar for everyone in, oh, about three weeks: that's how long Turk Deniz Kilicli has been in the states.  A 6'9" power forward, a UCLA assistant calls him "more skilled than Kevin Love."  Duke and UConn are on the way to check him out.  He's playing in Beckley, West Virginia, a small town with little national awareness.  Unfortunately, in some respects, their claim to fame is that punker Johnny Puke hails from there.

Puke is a footnote in musical history because the bizarre and disgusting musician (and we use that term advisedly) GG Allin died of an overdose in his apartment.  We won't link to anything - you can look it up for yourself - but he was pretty thoroughly awful.  It was a pathetic and sordid death and outside of a few people who didn't have problems with having feces produced in front of them, on stage, and then tossed their way, nobody really missed him.

Kilicli, on the other hand, is not being missed.  His coach says his phone is "literally blowing up," which would make us get the heck out of the office.  Sounds like the call is for GG Allin, or maybe from him