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A Cool Look Back At The Greatest Little Man In The Game

For our money, the most extraordinary player in the history of the ACC is Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues.  For those who never saw him, he was amazing:  a 5'3" guard, he absolutely terrified opponents, because he could pop out of nowhere, and he was faster than anything before or since.  Our two favorite plays:

Johnny Dawkins bringing the ball up in the ACC Tournament in 1986 and just freezing in the backcourt, looking for Bogues, who was nowhere near him - and out of sight.  The look on Dawkins' face was hilarious.

Blocking Patrick Ewing's shot.  This is one of the greatest plays in NBA history:  imagine a 5'3" guard blocking a shot by a highly athletic 7' center.  You might be able to find it on YouTube:  in slo-mo, Ewing jumps, cocks his shot back, too far really, and then you see Bogues come into the frame, about four feet off the ground, blocking the ball with his left hand - which in itself was brilliant - stripping it away, and starting a fast break.

John Cheney said guarding him was like guarding a groundhog.  He was incredible.

Anyway, here's a story from the SI vault..