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Big Wins For Wake, State

Not too long ago, it was really rare for anyone to beat Florida State in football.  First, State managed to keep up with them (although not everyone else), and then the rest of the conference grew competitive.  Now, Wake Forest, of all schools, has a three-game winning streak against the mighty - or once-mighty - 'Noles.

Not only that, they held FSU to a field goal.  It wasn't all that long ago that FSU would have hung 50 or 60 points on Wake. Times change, true, but who would have expected this?

Speaking of State, the Pack had a very impressive win over ECU.

And people should be keeping an eye on Georgia Tech, too.  Paul Johnson has an unconventional (or maybe just out of fashion) offense, but it is working pretty well, just like it did at Navy. Latest victim:  Mississippi State.