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October's Near - Time To Ridicule UK Fans!

One of the truly funny things in college basketball is watching Kentucky fans work themselves into a lather. Whether it's (literally) running over people in Hawaii for tickets, or making up elaborate explanations for how that money ended up in the Emery envelope, or petitioning CBS to drop Laettner's shot from March Madness (okay we made that one up), they are, shall we say, a unique bunch - and more than a bit haunted by Duke.

That's the only reason we can think of for this: in this tirade about a minor bit of criticism, the writer manages to imply that one of the writers he's criticizing might be a "closet Duke fan."  Note to Kentucky fans, currently orbiting somewhere around Sirius - Duke fans don't need no stinkin' closet!  We're loud and proud (we could say we don't stuff envelopes but that might get them saying we think Kentucky's evil, too. We don't: just seedy, corrupt, and conceited beyond any reasonable measure).

Here's another irony:  Duke was the first place where someone actually read the rulebook, scheduled a trip during fall break, and got in 10 days of early practice.  Who howled the loudest?  Why, Kentucky fans, of course.  You could hear them all the way from Sirius. Enjoy the loophole, boys!  It's fun to read the rules instead of breaking them outright!