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Grand News From An Old Friend

One of the nicer things about doing a site like DBR is being able to connect different parts of life and knowing that when you mention something like this that a lot of different people will be connected and gratified. So here goes today's good news:

Our lifelong friend (and huge UNC fan) Steve Gitelman, now the director of the Pediatric Diabetes Program at UCSF, and his wife, Dr. Anna Bakardjiev, who is a pediatric infectious disease specialist at UCSF Children's Hospital, welcomed twins Sofia (6 lbs, 14 ozs) and Tobias (6 lbs, 16 ozs)to the world on September 10th.

Many of you know Steve, although probably not many know Anna as she grew up in Europe. We think as highly of Steve as we do of anyone we've ever known. Please join us in extending congratulations to both of them and to big brother Jacob as well. Those are two (three) lucky children.