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Tucson Follies Continue!

Things have been tough in Tucson for  a while now, but we tend to accept Lute Olson's explanation for the latest fiasco:  he surely knows better - even we know better - than to direct boosters to steer money to Jim Storey's Arizona Cactus Classic basketball tournament.

The smart-alecky answer is to say that, well, Olson is smart enough not to put this in writing, and there's some truth to that.  Every coach has to deal with the NCAA rulebook, and no one, not even the closeted minions who come up with it, can fully understand it, let alone get through lunchtime without inadverdently breaking at least a pair of rules.

But it's also true to say that Midnight Luther, as Jerry Tarkanian once called him, has some integrity and wouldn't knowingly be part of a move like this.