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2010 Looking Good!

While Mason Plumlee remains the only commitment for 2009, with the commitments Saturday of 6'8" Josh Hairston and 6'2" Tyler Thornton, along with the earlier commitment of 6'4" Andre Dawkins, Duke has the makings of a superb class in 2010, and the basis of a very solid team as well.

In 2010, Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler, if they're still around, will be seniors, Elliot Williams, Miles Plumlee, and Olek Czyz will be juniors, and Mason Plumlee will be a sophomore.  That's a pretty good prospective core, wouldn't you say?

At 6'8", Hairston has a solid frame but will get bigger by the time he gets to Duke. And Thornton will be a point guard, most likely breaking in behind Smith or perhaps someone else. And both guys play AAU ball already with Dawkins, so Duke is getting three guys who know each other very well.

Hairston, along with Czyz, should give Duke a rough pair inside, although both players have the potential to score outside as well as inside.  Hairston is versatile enough to play either forward spot, though he'll be bigger when he shows up.  At that point in his career, Miles Plumlee should be a powerful presence, and Mason promises to bring a tremendously versatile game to Duke.

What Duke could use now is an athletic small forward. Harrison Barnes, come on down!