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A Dark Anniversary

We still remember hearing about what happened on this date in 2001:  we heard by e-mail, and at that point, early in the morning, it still seemed like it might be an accident.

Well, the second plane took care of that illusion, and the world has become a very different place since then, and mostly in unhappy ways.

Among the many depressing things is a recent poll which suggests that many people still aren't sure what happened, despite the well-circulated videotape of Osama Bin Laden admitting his involvement and saying that he was surprised that the entire thing fell, that he only expected the higher floors to go.
The attacks had a profound effect which, like everyone living through a period of wrenching historical change, we do not fully understand and may not for decades to come.
There was a series in the Atlantic - we can't recall the author's name but perhaps you can find it - who discussed how the immediate response to 9/11, with people plunging in and taking charge - was distinctly an American response.  It was a brilliant accounting and still worth reading.
Another echo of the theme will take place in Manhattan today as Senators John McCain and Barack Obama will put their campaign differences aside to pay their respects to the dead.  On Friday, no doubt, they'll be back at each other's throats, but it's nice to find common ground, if only briefly.

We're guessing that most people, like us, will think back to that day, and to the horrifying events we witnessed and have a corresponding flood of emotions and thoughts. The day belongs though, as the senators rightly agree, to the memory of innocent people who were ruthlessly slaughtered.  They were mothers, fathers, children, native born Americans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, people from every corner of the world and of every faith imaginable.  It was a nightmare then; it remains one today.  For those who lost people - Rick Pitino, for one, who lost his brother-in-law who was also a great friend - our hearts go out to you.  It'll never be an easy day, but a lot of people will be thinking of you and praying for you and your loved ones.