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Worst Weekend Ever For UVa Sports?

Like State, UVa is off on a tour of Canada. Someone forgot to tell Virginia that Canadian teams are supposed to be easy marks, as McGill beat them, 88-83.

Just to repeat that:  Virginia lost to a Canadian team whose last victory over an NCAA D-1 team came against Maine.

In fairness, they did give Kansas a game, but still.

Coming on
Aside from the obvious embarrassment, we've never particularly thought of Dave Leitao as being a guy who is particularly steady emotionally.  He's a harsh coach when his team fails, and this won't make things easy for his players.

The last time we can remember an ACC team losing an exhibition game which came with this big of a warning sign was when UNC lost in the pre-season under Matt Doherty.  Like Leitao, Doherty didn't handle failure well.

Speaking of Doherty, if you haven't been by his blog lately, check it out.  Our favorite entry is about communication. He says he learned this at UNC:

Communication is:
50% Body Language
35% Tone
15% Content
What an interesting breakdown! I learned this while coaching at UNC.

Very basic!


Very accurate!

As your mother used to say, "It's not what you say, it is how you say it!!"

Pony Up!

Coach Doh

Just two quick notes here:  if you learned it there, why didn't you apply it there?  And second, the quote from "mom" is priceless, coming, as it does, from Coach Doh.  That last 50% is a killer.