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Not Too Kenan On The Experience!

Know the skydivers who jumped into Wllace Wade instead of Kenan Saturday?  Turns out that may have been the highlight of the night for UNC, which witnessed (or didn't in the case of the skydivers) the following before, during and after the game against McNeese State:  guys jumping into Wallace Wade instead of Kenan, a lightning strike which shorted out a critical circuit board in the press box, a chunk of concrete falling into the stands where, fortunately, the multitudes of passionate UNC football fans opted not to sit, and to top it all off, the one guy covering McNeese State got locked in a Kenan elevator and was stuck until 1 a.m.

If he could have worked his timing a little better, he could have been stuck when Hurricane Gustav came ashore.  On the other hand, given the apparent condition of Kenan, it might not be a much safer place to be.