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News Flash- Duke Doesn't Get All The Calls

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We got to know Robbie Allen a bit when we did an audio bit together earlier this year for CNN.  He's a nice guy for a UNC fan.

We also got to poke around his Web site a bit - - but hadn't had a chance to get back to it lately.

Gary Parrish did, though, and found - thanks to a UNC fan, no less - that Duke, in fact, does not get all the calls.   In fact, in-conference, UNC and State get more breaks than does Duke. Nationally, UConn's differential is -6.6, compared to Duke's -3.1.  In fact, two years ago, Duke was 35th nationally.

Of course, you can't convince Kool-Aid drinkers to stay away from the cooler, but facts are facts.  Thanks Robbie!