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Cutcliffe For President! Duke 31, JMU 7

It took a little while for the weather to cooperate, but when the storm settled down, Duke football put on a show on the field, playing a brand of football Duke fans haven't seen in a long time.

Duke was solid on both ends of the field, scoring on their second drive of the game and racking up 31 points on a pretty fair team, even if they are D 1-AA.

The atmosphere was profoundly different:  the team did the new Blue Devil Walk, the stands were much fuller, with 32,571 fans, and more blue, and when the team came through the tunnel, they rubbed a new rock that Coach Cutcliffe had installed, with an Iron Duke cut into it. The rock was from the quarry where all the rocks that were used on West Campus came from.

After the win, the team came up to the stands and saluted the students.

All in all, even though it's early and the team is only 1-0, Cutcliffe has pulled off a sea change in how the team is perceived, and how it perceives itself.