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U.S. Takes Out The Russians, 89-68

The U.S. had a tougher time with Russia than they have with other teams so far, but still beat the men from Moscow, 89-68.Russia made a run in the third quarter and got it under 10, but they couldn't pull it off.

The U.S. did a brilliant job defending the three, limiting the Russians to only 4-17 in the second half, and holding them to 23.5% for the game.

The U.S., by contrast, shot 53.8% from behind the line, had 12 steals, and forced 17 turnovers all together.

The U.S. was outrebounded, 43-35, but if you combine the defensive rebounds and turnovers, and just consider them denied attempts, then the margin is 48-44 to the advantage of the U.S.

Since the Russians only shot 39.7% for the game, and shot poorly from outside, there just weren't that many chances to make up the difference.