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Saturday's Olympic Update!

The U.S. dispatched a tough Lithuanian squad without too much trouble, winning 120-84.  This is a significant win.  Unlike Turkey, which is a bit off stride lately, Lithuania is a perennial FIBA power. Beating them by 34 is imposing.  The U.S. could have done a better job shutting off the three point shot - Lithuania hit 54.5% - but Kobe Bryant completely annoyed former Maryland star Sarunas Jasikevicius, limiting him to 2-8 shooting.

The U.S. held Lithuania to 41% overall and had 16 steals.  Lithuania actually outrebounded the U.S., 39-37.  The U.S. shot 64% for the game.  The sore thumb?  Free throws.  Didn't matter in this game, but the U.S. actually shot higher from the floor than from the line (61.9%).  In a close game, that's very dangerous.

In many ways, the statistical profile of the game will remind Duke fans of a Duke game.