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Next Up - Germany

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Well here's a bit of a shocker:  Australia beat the pants off of Lithuania, 106-75. They played the way the U.S. has been playing, frankly, going on 15-0 and 19-0 runs.  They're peaking at the right time, and after the exhibition game against the U.S., they're not scared, either. We said a few days ago that the Aussie program was really sound and they deserved respect. Looks like they've proved it. But that's for another time: first up is Dirk Nowitzki and the Germans.

The Germans have had an awful tournament. They're out, along with the Russians, who like Lithuania, got thumped by the Aussies, 95-80.

There's a  pretty funny bit in here: Chris Kaman, who is playing for Germany, was told by his dad that he's pulling against his kid when the Germans play the U.S.

The game is at 8 a.m., but as far as we can tell, there's no TV.  As we said before, the danger for the U.S. is overconfidence.