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Time For Some Fun With Blue Planet!

Dave Bradley asked us to pass this on to you guys, and we hope you give him a great response. He's one of the good guys!

Dear Duke fan,

As part of our next issue of Blue Planet, we are putting together a special Duke Nation issue. We would like to include a multiple-page spread with a world map and then photos of Duke fans from all over the world wearing Duke gear. For example, if you visited the Grand Canyon wearing a Duke shirt, we would love to include the photo with a brief description/your name and then we would have an arrow pointing to the Phoenix area. We would certainly like to include photos from all over the world too!

Mostly any photo will work as long as it is fairly evident it is taken in the particular location and it isn't a cell-phone picture. Anyone who submits a photo by Sunday that meets these conditions will receive a complimentary year-long subscription to Blue Planet. We will send a Duke Basketball tee-shirt out as well to our favorite five as voted upon by our staff.

Thanks for your interest! Please email all entries and questions to me at (note - change the at to @ - we changed it to help keep his e-mail safe - DBR)


Dave Bradley

Recruiting & Communications Coordinator

Duke Basketball