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U.S. Finds Grecian Formula, Grays Out Nemesis 92-69

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If you watched the U.S. take apart Greece, you saw things you've seen before - assuming you watch Duke.

Agile defenders pressing and wearing a team out.  Steals and fast breaks.  Bursts of scoring off the defense.  The U.S. put this game away early, and Greece never could figure out how to get re-engaged.

The officials, in our opinion, started off with some classically questionable FIBA calls, slapping Jason Kidd with three in the first 90 seconds, which was simply unbelievable. Greece tried to push the U.S. around briefly, but it didn't work like it did with the Germans.

The team has become the focus, but a few guys deserve special mention:  Dwyane Wade was brilliant and has been throughout, and Chris Bosh played a huge role in this win.  And LeBron James has been like a Swiss Army Knife, able to pull out whatever his team needs.

Next up is Spain on Saturday, and that's going to be a huge game. The U.S. weaknesses - foul shooting, three point shooting, half-court offense at times - aren't going away.  But the U.S. strengths - athleticism, versatility, depth, defense and teamwork - are looking pretty imposing. The win also puts them in the medal round.