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Brand, Maggette Leave Clips For Big, Big Bucks

It's a big day for former Clippers Cory Maggette and Elton Brand:  Maggette has signed a $50 million dollar deal with Golden State, making him, we think, the first Blue Devil to play for the Warriors since Jeff Mullins (oops - forgot Mike Dunleavy).  And Elton Brand may join Shavlik Randolph in Philly.  Brand will be there; he's signed a deal worth $82 million.  Randolph may or may not be.  He's a free agent, and the money for Brand has to come from somewhere. Expect Randolph to (hopefully) turn up somewhere else next season, like most of Philly's six free agents.

It's pretty impressive to see two guys from the same college team command $132 million dollars between them.