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Poll Skewin' - Heels Done!

In WRAL's poll of the greatest Triangle teams (in a Sweet 16 format), Duke and State have completely eliminated the Heels. Nice work, guys! Now let's crush State!

By the way, we were amused to see a State fan claim that State is the best poll skewin' school in the country. Okay, if you say so, but DBR invented the term and perfected the concept.

One of the funniest early examples, although it wasn't exactly poll skewin', was at the expense of the N&O when Steve Politi was still with the sports department. His editor installed blogs for each writer, and thousands of DBR readers hit his the day of an election, which led to the editor - who we won't name - pointing out that Politi's blog got more hits than the election coverage did, to Politi's immense amusement. "People read these things, folks!" was the comment at the time.