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Rowbury Makes The Olympic Team For Women's 1500!

Have you been keeping up with the Olympic trials?  Things have been pretty impressive thus far.  The swimming has been just phenomenal, with records dropping left and right, and Fred Lind's daughter has made the rowing team,which is great news.

Erin Donohoe has gotten a lot of attention lately and the UNC grad deserves it, but she still finished behind Duke grad Shannon Rowbury in the 1500 meters.   Both will be going to Beijing.

Duke grad Jillian Schwartz just barely missed in the pole vault.

Speaking of the Olympics, if you want to catch one country on an emotional roll, how about Spain?  They just won their first European soccer championship in forever, and then Sunday, Rafael Nadal put on a performance for the ages at Wimbledon.  William C. Rhoden, who was covering it for the Times, assumed early that Roger Federer was in control and decided to go see Hancock instead.

Who goes to London, to Wimbledon, and leaves the title match to see a movie they could see in Piscataway?