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Duhon's A Knick!

Congratulations to Chris Duhon, who is now a Knick, and who is expected to become the starting point guard.  If you read this article from the Times, as exciting at it is for Duhon, what a nightmare former Georgia Tech star Stephon Marbury has become.  They seem to see him pretty much as locker room poison, to the extent that they're willing to eat the $22 million they owe him.  You have to work hard to become that unpopular.

Before committing, Duhon spoke to Steve Nash, who became a legendary player in D'Antoni's system and evidently came away with a good feeling.

It's a two-year contract, more or less a make-good sort of a deal.  In 2010, the LeBron James Sweepstakes will kick off, as James will become a free agent, and the Knicks, like everyone else, want to have a lot of cash available.

Meanwhile, Corey Maggette could get the break of a lifetime and leave the Clippers for the Celtics, which would add immensely to their atheticism and their odds of repeating.