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You Knew They Wouldn't Take This Lying Down...

As you guys know, Kentucky people don't take kindly to suggestions of inferiority when it comes to basketball.  So after ESPN declared Duke the top program since 1984-85 (or when the tournament expanded to 64 teams), a Kentucky fan ran the same numbers going back to 1938-39, and voila! They're number one.  The fact that most of the SEC (somewhat like Clemson) didn't take basketball seriously for decades should factor in in some way, as should Kentucky's long and glorious tradition of ignoring the rules, and it might be more rational to start comparing things after the southern schools finally desegregated.  It might even be worth mentioning that the NCAA limited the tournament field to 16 teams until the mid-70s. But whatever.  They're #1! The rest of us can just bow down to the inevitable.