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Classy Is As Classy Does!

This article from the Chapel Hill News features the normal amount of moral self-preening from the world of the diminished blue; the rest of the college sports world has come to expect that. But this sentence jumps out:

"Can you imagine the UNC basketball team having to deal with anything remotely close to the Duke lacrosse scandal?"

Well, yes, we can.

For the record, isn't it about time this was called the Crystal Mangum scandal?  But we digress.

Although one hopes that things have changed since the lacrosse party, college sports teams, both male and female, have been hiring strippers for years.  You may recall that St. John's had a scandal which was terrifically damaging: the team hired a stripper in Pittsburgh, who accused several of them of raping her.  The team had the bad taste and good fortune of videotaping the evening's events, which kept them out of court, but also got three of them kicked out and three others suspended and ended up bringing Mike Jarvis down.

It's nothing new; what was new was that a perfect storm of media hysteria and kneejerk reaction made Duke a lightning rod.

Here's the other difference, and perhaps the real reason why a UNC team would be much less likely to get in trouble for this:  in Durham, Duke athletes have almost no chance of getting things brushed under the rug - and that's fine with us, frankly. In Chapel Hill, athletes are much more likely to be indulged than they are in Durham.

Still, "character" didn't save Makhtar Ndaiye, Ed Cota, Terrence Newby, and whatever Marion Jones did or didn't learn in Chapel Hill, it didn't stick.  We can't remember everyone, much less the football players and wrestlers.  And then there's Phil Ford.

When he was arrested in Michigan for a DWI, if UNC didn't put him in rehab, they should have. And if they knew about his DWI there, and allowed him to continue to drive a university car in North Carolina, given his history of alcoholism, his car should have been yanked.  If he didn't tell them about it, he should have been fired; if he did tell them and they let him keep driving, then someone in the athletic department should have been fired.

Frankly, Phil Ford posed a much greater danger to the public than the Duke lacrosse team did. We're glad he got back on the wagon and hope he stays there, but between Makhtar Ndaiye's well-documented lies and slanders after the Final Four loss to Utah,  and how Ford's case was handled by the university, much less the criminal activities by various athletes over the years it's hard for UNC to claim a level of superiority.

Okay, we found this list at We altered it somewhat, mostly to put the basketball in one place and then to group things roughly by categories, but you can see the original here.

And we're not suggesting Duke's perfect, either.  Off the top of our head, we can think of Alaa Abdelnaby, Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, and Casey Sanders as guys who had legal issues, and there are probably a few more (old school UNC fans would say don't forget Art Heyman).  But this is a pretty considerable list of charges. Maybe they should have spent more time with Dr. Friday!

Name Sport Charges
Phil Ford Basketball DWI (twice)
Tywon Lawson Basketball Driving while drinking, revoked license, noise ordinance
Clifford Rozier Basketball Larceny, Cocaine Trafficking, Domestic Battery, Burglary
Joe Forte Basketball Possession of marijuana, Possession of a handgun
JamesOn Curry Basketball Selling and Possession of Marijuana
Clyde Lynn Basketball Statutory Rape, Felony Cocaine Trafficking, Sale & Delivery of cocaine & marijuana
Ed Cota Basketball Assault inflicting serious injury, Drunk Driving
Steve Bucknall Basketball Assault
Makhtar Ndiaye Basketball Assault
Terrence Newby Basketball Assault inflicting serious injury
J.R. Reid Basketball Assault
Jimmie Black Basketball Domestic Violence
King Rice Basketball Assaulting a female
Melvin Scott Basketball Assaulting a female
Jerry Stackhouse Basketball Assaulting a female
Rasheed Wallace Basketball Assaulting a female, Possession of Marijuana
Charlie Scott Basketball Bankruptcy Fraud
James Worthy Basketball Soliciting Prostitution
Bosley Allen Football Possession of Marijuana
Varian Ballard Football Assault
Andre Barbour Football Possession of Marijuana
Adarius Bowman Football Possession of Marijuana
Chesley Borders Football Resisting Arrest
Tavares Brown Football Failure to Disperse
Ronnie Bryant Football Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property
Brian Chacos Football DWI
Daniel Davis Football Probation violation, Credit Card Fraud
Larry Davis Football Charity Fraud
Barrington Edwards Football Speeding >30 MPH above the speed limit (twice), Failure to appear (twice)
Larry Edwards Football Damage to Real Property
Derrick Fenner Football Cocaine possession, Assault
LeCount Fantroy Football Resisting Arrest
Michael Gilmore Football Assaulting a female
Jon Hall Football Assaulting a female
Jon Hamlett Football Felonious possession of a firearm on school grounds
Greg Harris Football Assault
Robert Harris Football Rape, Burglary
Jimmy Hitchcock Football Robbery with a dangerous weapon, Assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, Inflicting serious injury
Errol Hood Football Larceny
Jason Horton Football Possession of Cocaine with intent to deliver
Terry Hunter Football Possession of marijuana, Revoked License
Leon Johnson Football Not Leaving Scene of a Fight, Interfering with Police Investigation
Kitwana Jones Football Assault
Aaron Leak Football Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property
Bryant Malloye Football Assaulting a female
Mike Mason Football Resisting Arrest, Fake Drivers License, Resisting Arrest again
Kivuusama Mays Football Assault
Ricco McCain Football Assault inflicting serious injury
Willie McNeil Football Possession of Marijuana, Trespassing
Stephon McQueen Football Assault
Brian Norwood Football First Degree Rape, Sex Offense of a Child, Crime Against Nature
Mark Paschal Football Assault, Resisting Arrest
Julius Peppers Football Assault
Xavier Rainey Football Driving with a revoked license
Dexter Reid Football Possession of Marijuana, Concealed Weapon, Felony Weapons Charges
Gerald Sensabaugh Football Carrying a loaded weapon
Fred Sparkman Football Possession of Marijuana
Lawrence Taylor Football Possession of Crack Cocaine, Failure to pay Child Support, Multiple Drug Charges
Isaiah "Puff" Thomas Football Possession of Marijuana
Donnie Thompson Football Obtaining property by false pretenses
Dante Thorogood Football Possession of Marijuana
Garrett White Football Assault
Robert Williams Football Assault, Felony Sex Offense
Greg Williams Football Assault
Chris Woods Football Assault on a law officer, Resisting arrest
David Wooldridge Football Larceny
Wallace Wright Football Assault, Communicating threats
Anson Dorrance Soccer coach Sexual Harassment