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Barry Jacobs On Billy Packer's Retirement

Barry Jacobs weighs in with some thoughts on Billy Packer and his replacement , Clark Kellogg. If we had our druthers, we'd take Len Elmore, who is genuinely insightful and somewhat more restrained. He's smart and cool in the old sense of the word. Broadcasting is an odd job and it takes a certain type to do it right. We still remember Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, upon hearing something in Cameron about Wisconsin. "That's the dairy state," he said solemnly. Hasn't been back since.On the other hand, the funniest moment of all time from a legendary broadcaster was when Keith Jackson did his first game with Dick Vitale and was obviously unhappy about it. Vitale, by contrast, had his hands all over Jackson within seconds, and Jackson reacted pretty much like Angela Merkel did when President Bush tried to give her a backrub.

Not that Dickie V cared. And they ended up being pretty comfortable after a while, with a pretty good chemistry.