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From The Mailbag - About That UNC Ring For Sale

I took a look at your link about the NCAA ring from UNC and it needs a clarification. The ring pictured on EBay is the generic NCAA ring that the NCAA gives to the champions.This is not the ring that UNC gave to the team. Every member of the winning team gets this generic ring. The university then gets the team their own ring.

If you look at the picture, all you see is NCAA 2005 champions. You don't see "UNC" anywhere. The NCAA used to give watches to the einners, now they give rings. I'm sure the 2001 Blue Devils received rings from the NCAA just like that one pictured from 2005.

Whatever player is selling his ring is selling the generic NCAA one, not the one from UNC. The UNC media guide has a picture of the 2005 ring, which is a whole lot nicer than the one pictured on EBay. Just wanted to clarify.

So maybe it's Woody's! - DBR