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Teddy Dupay Charged With Rape In Utah

Former Florida Gator Teddy Dupay is in some serious trouble: he stands accused of rape in Utah, and while a jury will have to decide his guilt or innocence, he's not getting off scott free: he admits to getting "a little rough" with the woman, and her injuries - "two fractured ribs, bruises on her arm, shoulder and thigh a swollen left eye and scratches on her back," according to CBS Sportsline - suggest substantial roughness.  She told investigators she believed she was hit or kicked  150 times.

With his admission of getting rough, one would assume assault charges, anyway, would stick.

Apparently they had an existing relationship.  Dupay denies the rape allegation, saying “[h]ow can you rape someone you love?”

Dupay, 29, also got into trouble at Florida over gambling allegations, but was never charged.